Partner Salon Profit Sharing Program

The online revolution has grabbed a hold of our industry in recent years and has left everyone wondering… “What’s happening to our professional brands?”.  There is no denying that online selling has sparked a rapid increase in the number of professional brands abandoning the salon channel for online partnerships, which has created an unprecedented dilemma for our industry.

Brand loyalty means something to Eufora, and it’s why we’ve worked long and hard to develop a forward-thinking strategy that allows us to better fight grey market online sales while also recapturing profits for our salons.

We are pleased to announce our brand new and innovative Partner Salon Profit Sharing Program! While Eufora has long worked to combat the sale of our products by unauthorized sellers, now we will also be able to redirect online selling to our own channel and keep substantial profits coming back to our Partner Salons.

The enclosed press release and letters will give you more information on The Eufora Partner Profit Sharing Program.

The most important points to remember:

  1. Eufora will not partner with Amazon to sell direct. It is not our intent to simply increase product sales and pocket profit that the salon could be receiving.
  2. Eufora is the only salon professional manufacturer returning this level of profit back to salons.
  3. Eufora believes that the salon should reap the financial reward for their dedication, loyalty, and recommendation of professional brands.
  4. To ensure ease of e-commerce sales credits we suggest Partner Salons place the link to on their own website, so their clients can easily find Eufora and shop with an authorized, and reputable online source should they so choose.

Salon FAQ's

Does my salon have to be a Partner Salon to participate in the Profit Sharing Rewards for online sales?

Yes, you must be an authorized, active, Certified Eufora Partner Salon at either the Exclusive, Experience or Evolve levels (Evolve is Eufora and only two other retail lines). And, enrollment in Profit Sharing will be automatic. No contracts to sign or any additional steps to take.

If your salon is not currently enrolled in the Eufora Partner Salon Program, you can register online at or contact your sales consultant for more information on the criteria for becoming a Partner Salon.

What percentage of the online sale will my Salon receive?

Partner Salons will receive Profit Sharing Rewards equal to 60 – 75% of regular salon profit normally made when the product is sold by you in the salon. (This equates to 30% of the product MSRP from any online sale where the salon has been identified as the customer’s preferred salon.) Eufora reserves a portion of sales to cover website maintenance, marketing, order processing, fulfillment and shipping.

Exactly how is the Profit Sharing calculated and paid?

At the end of each quarter, Eufora generates a sales summary reporting all on-line sales. Eufora will collect and total all sales attributed to each Partner Salon based on customer selection and will then multiply that total by 30% and convert into Reward Points.  These Profit Sharing Rewards will then be uploaded into the Salon’s Partner Account as a separate transaction.


Total online sales at MSRP for Partner Salon A = $100.00

$100 x 30% of MSRP= $30

$30 = 30 Rewards Points which are deposited into Salon A’s Partner Account

When will Partner Profit Sharing Points be uploaded?

At the end of each quarter, Eufora generates a sales summary reporting all on-line sales. Eufora will collect and total all sales attributed to each Partner Salon based on customer selection and will then multiply that total by 30% and convert into Reward Points.  These Profit Sharing Rewards will then be uploaded into the Salon’s Partner Account as a separate transaction.


Total online sales at MSRP for Partner Salon A = $100.00

$100 x 30% of MSRP= $30

$30 = 30 Rewards Points which are deposited into Salon A’s Partner Account

How will my Salon know if we received Profit Sharing Points?

Online Profit Sharing Rewards are tracked and deposited separately from regularly earned Partner Points, so you will see a unique entry for Profit Sharing transactions each quarter.

What can I purchase with Profit Sharing Points?

Profit Sharing Points are deposited into the same “bank” as regular Partner Rewards and can be used to purchase anything in the Partner Rewards Mall.

Will I receive contact information for the clients who purchased online?

No. Privacy Policies prohibit Eufora from sharing the personal information of our online shoppers.

Will Eufora ship anywhere in the world?

No.  Currently Eufora only ships product to the 50 United States.  We will not ship internationally at this time.

Is there a shipping charge for ordering Eufora product online?

Yes, but any order over $100 will ship for free, unless shipping to Alaska or Hawaii where a surcharge will apply.  Orders under $100 incur shipping charges based on amount.

Are there products available online that I cannot get from my distributor?

Open stock Eufora product available online mirror exactly the products available to your distributor.

Can I buy products for my salon direct from Eufora online at salon cost?

No. The Eufora online store is for consumer purchases only, and all product is priced at full Manufacturers Suggested Retail Selling Price (MSRP)

What if my salon is not listed on the drop-down menu of Preferred Salons?

If your salon name does not appear in the drop-down menu for your geographic area, then you have not been identified as a Certified Eufora Partner Salon by your Distributor.  If you are an Active Partner Salon at the Exclusive, Experience or Evolve level (Evolve is Eufora and only two other retail lines) then you would qualify for the Partner Rewards. Please review criteria and your Salon status with your sales consultant or contact your Distributor.

What if I don’t see any Profit Sharing Points from online sales deposited into my Partner Salon Account?

This means none of your customers have made online purchases during that Quarter, so you must be doing a great job of serving your clients and fulfilling their retail needs via their in-salon visits!

Does Eufora online selling mean that I can sell Eufora on my website?

No. What you can do is place this link on your Salon website which will direct your clients to the Eufora Store for ease of shopping and will also ensure you get credit for the sale! If every salon was selling independently online then any salon could secure the retail sale of your client regardless of whether or not the customer lived in their area or visited the salon. By managing the online sales exclusively through, Eufora can ensure that salon sales are credited to the customer’s actual preferred salon.

Why did Eufora choose to launch a direct online selling site?

As part of our mission to protect the sale of Eufora products for authorized Salon Partners, Eufora needed to create an online selling strategy that would redirect online shoppers from unauthorized sellers back to an authorized, safe selling environment where Partner Salons continue to benefit from supporting the Eufora brand.  This effort will help to recapture some of the lost sales that result from on-line grey market activity.  Can we completely eradicate unauthorized selling? Probably not, but we will continue to innovate programs and processes that capture product sales and reward the salons we serve.

Is there any other benefit to selling direct online that I should know about?

Yes.  When we have our own online presence Consumer Beauty Editors and Influencers are more willing to feature Eufora products because they can direct their audience to a convenient and reputable source for purchasing.  Increased consumer press coverage means more consumers see and hear great things about Eufora, which in turn increases consumer demand for our products.  That is good business for all of us!

Do all hair care companies offer online Profit Sharing to salons?

Some companies do offer a small kickback to salons, but the rewards are much lower, and most companies provide no profit sharing at all.  Eufora is proud to offer an industry leading Profit Sharing Program to our Partners.

Why don’t all professional salon brands offer Profit Sharing for on-line sales?

We are not quite sure why other brands choose the selling channels they do. For some they may not see a reason for giving back to salons for purchased made outside the salon. For salon brands that choose to partner with Amazon, it may not be feasible to capture the details necessary to reward their salon partners.

Why do I continue to see Eufora products on Amazon?

Eufora DOES NOT partner with or endorse partnerships with Amazon. If you see Eufora on Amazon it is via an unauthorized 3rd party reseller. Some of these are innocent infractions of our policy, and they are happy to remove our products when asked to do so. Others are grey market sellers who obtain product with the specific intention of selling unauthorized product online. Often the products advertised are not even available through their online store but are used to attract potential buyers.  Rest assured Eufora is monitoring this activity daily and takes cease and desist action. While some ignore legal notification, it is always our mission to determine where and how they are obtaining the product.  This is the only way we can stop it at the source.

Why should I tell my clients not to buy from a reseller like Amazon?

Most important is the Eufora product guarantee and consumer safety. When buying from an unauthorized 3rd party reseller, there is no guarantee that what is in the bottle is actual Eufora product and in good unopened condition.  We’ve received reports of partially filled bottles and product that does not look or smell like it should in the bottle. It is a risk they should be encouraged to avoid.

When product is purchased from, buyers receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be confident in receiving fresh, quality, authentic Eufora product.

How do I explain the cheaper price a client finds from an online reseller?

The answer is like the question above. The small savings they may get is not worth the risk of receiving counterfeit or compromised product. As a salon owner or stylist, you should feel comfortable having a conversation about ethical on-line selling and your partnership with them to ensure the best home care.  Lastly, make sure you are constantly giving them added value when buying from your salon, and take advantage of Eufora sampling programs built into our Quarterly Campaigns.  This is something clients cannot get online.

I know some brands have an actual “preferred salon brand partnership” with Amazon. Is there a way to tell those partnerships from an unauthorized grey market reseller?

Professional salon brands who have chosen to partner directly with Amazon for online selling have pages dedicated to their brands. Every product that is officially carried by Amazon through partnerships will have the exact same characteristics as listed below.

The brand’s logo: If a brand is partnered with Amazon, the product page of every product will have the official brand logo at the top above the product.

Salon professional “tag” : If a brand is partnered with Amazon an official “Salon Professional Tag” will appear under the “Add to Cart” Button.

Official description, benefits, and suggested use box: Below the product image there will be a standardized description, benefits, and suggested use box that comes directly from the manufacturer.

Sold by account: Above the “Add to Cart” button you will see a “Sold or Fulfilled by Amazon” descriptor. This means that the manufacturer ships large quantities of products in their portfolio to Amazon warehouses and Amazon directly fulfills the orders.

Also, by following the below click path, you can explore the Salon & Spa page for a complete list of all professional brands that Amazon partners with in a “preferred seller” relationship. > Beauty & Health > Salon & Spa